Whats at the Farm this Week (May 29)

Come visit our farm shop this weekend! Here’s what we’ll have:
-Fresh herb bunches ($5)
-Limited produce (radishes, kale)
-Duck eggs ($10/dozen), Hearth and Haven Farm
-Frozen turkey cuts (drumstick w/thigh, breast)
-Ground lamb ($15/1lb tube)
-Fresh chicken! ($5/lb)
-Soaps, lovely soaps! $9/hand bar, $8/shampoo bar from Growing Things farm
-Jams ($6/jar), Growing Things Farm
-Limited chicken eggs
-Green garlic ($3/bunch)
…and flowers, neckbones, turkey backs, organ meats, and more!
Saturday and Sunday 8-5PM
27311 NE 116th St, Duvall

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Farm Shop at the Farm

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Sat & Sun 9am - 5pm


27311 NE 116th St.
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