What’s at the Farm this Week (July 24)

It is one of my favorite challenges to eat seasonally with what is available on the farm and in the valley where we live. There have been some years where I have been very close to eating exclusively this way, without weekly visits to the grocer. The biggest challenge to eating locally is figuring out snacks for the teens! We all love kale “chips”, and they’re definitely easy to make, but my kids seem to whip through a bowl in about five minutes and then start looking in the cabinets for the next snack. This week I wanted to share a picture of some of the cookbooks that are the foundation to all our meals (and snacks!!).
– Jen

From the farm this week:

– Dino Kale
– Rainbow Chard
– Collard greens
– Red globe radishes
– Carrots
– Fresh chicken! 7/25 and 7/26, pick up at the farm!
– Lamb cuts! Frozen: 2lb roasts, chops, ground, and shanks.
– Duck eggs (on farm only)
– Fresh pasture raised chicken eggs (limited availability)
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