Updates From the Farm

What’s at the Farm this Week (June 26)

By Hollyhock Farm / June 26, 2020

There are so many great things happening in our local food space at this moment! Summer solstice brought about a growth bump that we can all benefit from: A bounty of those leafy greens and thriving pastures for animals to grow healthy on! Each week you can find us at…

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Whats at the Farm this Week (June 19)

By Hollyhock Farm / June 19, 2020

Come out for a country drive and visit our farm shop! Here’s what we’ll have out this week: Radishes Salad mix Kale Eggs (pasture raised) Duck eggs (pasture raised) Flowers (Peonies! Edibles!) Soaps, Jams Ground lamb Turkey for stew Farm salve …and more! Saturday 8-5 Sunday 8-5 27311 NE 116th…

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Whats at the Farm this Week (June 12)

By Hollyhock Farm / June 12, 2020

Local is the name if the game once the growing season has kicked off. I often work with other farms and make trades to have the best variety of seasonal foods for my family! Dinner tonight includes a chicken/duck egg frittata with broccoli, goat cheese from my goats, garlic, parmesan,…

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Whats at the Farm this Week (June 5)

By Hollyhock Farm / June 5, 2020

We are winding down from spring and easing into summer here on the farm. I will be setting up the farm-kid pool this week. The baby geese are starting to get their flight feathers, and the baby lambs born in March are already almost as tall as their mothers! I…

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Whats at the Farm this Week (May 29)

By Hollyhock Farm / May 29, 2020

Come visit our farm shop this weekend! Here’s what we’ll have: -Fresh herb bunches ($5) -Limited produce (radishes, kale) -Duck eggs ($10/dozen), Hearth and Haven Farm -Frozen turkey cuts (drumstick w/thigh, breast) -Ground lamb ($15/1lb tube) -Fresh chicken! ($5/lb) -Soaps, lovely soaps! $9/hand bar, $8/shampoo bar from Growing Things farm…

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Whats at the Farm this Week (May 22)

By Hollyhock Farm / May 22, 2020

Hollyhock Farm shop! Open Saturday and Sunday, 8AM-5PM. This week: -Red leaf lettuce heads $3 -Salad mix $3/bag -Radishes $3/bunch -Soaps $9/hand bar $8/shampoo bar -Herb bunches $5/each -Turkey cuts (large breast packages, thigh/drumstick packages) $8/lb. -Lamb chops (3pack/$25 – two chops in each pack) -Duck eggs (Hearth and Haven…

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Herb Bundles

By Hollyhock Farm / May 14, 2020

Our herbs have sprung to life and we have begun the oregano harvest to be dried and added to winter animal feed! Fresh herb bundles available at our farm shop each weekend. $3/bunch.

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This week’s offerings: May 8

By Hollyhock Farm / May 8, 2020

We’ll have our farm shop open this weekend, Saturday and Sunday 8AM-5PM. This week’s offerings: -Kale, green onions, snacking radishes, baby collard greens, green garlic. Limited amounts. -Lamb (ground, chops, roasts), turkey cuts (breast, drumstick/thigh, wings) -Duck eggs -Farm eggs (Limited amount!) -Soaps by Growing Things farm -Jams by Growing…

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Updates From the Farm

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