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Happy Summer!

How does one eat locally year-round? By taking advantage of the summer bounty and storing it away for the year! We’ve been loading up on blueberries these past couple weeks – this year is a good one for berries, and our freezer is filling up. I am looking forward to the blueberries we planted a couple years ago to start producing, but I also really enjoy a visit my neighboring farms to load up.

If you have passed our farm on the way to Novelty Cemetery you may have noticed the installation of our new orchard in our upper field along the road. Phil planted 200 trees and 20 grape vines this spring – it was a big project. It will be a few years for this orchard to become productive, but we are confident it will be worth the wait!

Turkey report: Last year we had an over abundance of turkeys, so this year we pulled way back. I have twenty available, and due to having so few I am taking revervations starting now. If you would be interested in reserving a holiday turkey, you can just send a message and we’ll get you set up. Turkeys are $9/lb and if you are reserving early with a deposit you can let me know if you want a bigger (20+ lbs) or smaller (12-17lb) turkey and I can accomodate you. Turkeys will be processed in October and frozen until you come pick them up.

We are currently sold out of chicken! I hope to do at least one summer processing, but I can’t make any promises. Stay tuned!

The garden is in full swing, the animals are grazing happily.  The tomatoes have just started ripening and the salad is vigorous! The farmers are…getting worn out, but hanging in there! We are having a great time at the new market location for Carnation Market on Tuesdays from 3-7PM. There is plenty of parking, great music, and shaded seating for a crowd! Come see us there or at the Duvall Market on Thursdays (3-7PM) at Taylor Landing – another great location next to a playground and the Snoqualmie Valley walking trail.



Current offerings: 

Garlic $12/lb

Onion (red, yellow, sweet, and shallots available) $3/lb

Potatoes (red and yellow) $4/lb

Salad mix $5/bag

Chard, Kale, Collard Greens $3/bunch

Radishes $3/bunch

Tomatoes (cherry tomatoes) $5/box

Eggs $8 (farm shop only)

Lamb, sausage links (rosemary/garlic or Italian seasoning) $15/pack

Lamb, roasts (shoulder or leg of lamb) $16/lb

Lamb, ground $15/tube

Honey $12/one lb jar, $24/two lb jar (farm shop only)

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